Stinis has been in the business of container handling for several decades. Fully automated container spreaders were first introduced by Stinis. Several thousands of this spreaders are in operation across the globe and are being produced and sold on a yearly basis.


Spreader (SAC/ A) was tested/on trial for more than 6 months on vessels of many shipping companies and proven extremely successful in the wide range of applications carried out. Many shipping companies as well as smaller ports are now placing orders for the STINIS autotwist spreaders.
The autotwist spreader is a modified version of the existing Stinis semi-automatic spreader, and is unique with its gravity lever locking principle. The autotwist spreader has been designed to be used with conventional ship and harbor cranes, and is ideal as a spare spreader for swivel energized cranes.



Gravity Lever
The gravity lever, with its bright red colour, is of the utmost importance to the operator. By simply watching the gravity lever lowering onto the beam, the operator can clearly see if the action has been correctly completed (A), or if a problem has occurred (B). A second means of checking the situation is by watching the top handle on the central shaft.
For security reasons, position (B) indicates that twistlock will not rotate/actuate and therefore the gravity lever cannot be lowered further.

Manual operation (C) can be achieved by preventing the gravity lever from lowering by means of the autotwist-manual handle i.e. flipping up the manual handle. Further, using the outside pins on the central shaft (either side) and on the top side handle.


The operator can always see if the spreader is properly positioned by checking to see if the red gravity lever has been lowered smoothly onto the beam. This ensures that any error in misplacing the spreader is easily identified.

As safety is one of the main factors in the new design of the autotwist spreader, included was:
Fitting a special spring, so that the twistlock movement is strengthened, and this gives extra twisting power during actuation. It also ensure that the twistlocks are kept in a fixed position when they are locked or unlocked.
Twistlock safety pins are fitted on 4 corners of the spreaders to prevent the spreader from errors by locking/unlocking rotation movement. (All four pin have to be individually pushed up to over-ride this safety factor).

In case of an operator error, a by-pass system which uses rebounding pin holders has proved very useful in solving this problem.

The spreader flippers have a permanent angle to prevent a mis-position spreader form damaging or perforating the container roof which will hinge up and reset afterwards.