Crane Rail Fixing Clips

Gantrail self locking crane rail clips are designed to align and securely fix the rail. The elastomer "nose" applies a controlled force to the rail to restrain excessive movement.
They are designed to carry the very high forces the cranes can apply to the rails. With types that can be bolted and others that can be welded.

Two main types of clips are available differentiated by fixing support
• Weldable Clips
• Boltable Clips

The choice between bolted clips and welded clips are often based on industry practice & preference. Bolted clips are economical and considered for lighter application, whereas welded clips give much strength and are used in heavy duty industries.

Crane Rail Fixing Clips

Features :
Reducing fatigue on bolts
Carry horizontal forces from crane wheels perpendicular to rail
Eliminating loosening of bolts

Boltable Type Clips
Weldable Type Clips