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We undertake sale and leasing of new and pre-owned QCs, RTGs, straddle carriers, reach stackers, terminal tractors, and other port equipment. We are able to equip a terminal within a period of 6 months from contract to delivery. Our quick deployment enables a terminal to begin generating revenue within a shortest lead time.

Advantages of purchasing pre-owned cranes and equipment :
Rapid delivery
Much lower investment cost
Our technical support to ensure reliability and performance of equipment throughout its entire life cycle


To provide maximum flexibility, we offer two types of leases :
Operating Lease: One-time mobilization charge and a fixed monthly sum for the use of equipment. We can provide on-going maintenance and spare parts to ensure high-level equipment availability. Gallant Engineering retains ownership of equipment.

Finance Lease: One-time down payment, monthly payment schedule, with leaseholder responsible for maintenance and operation of equipment. Upon receipt of final payment, full ownership is transferred.

At Gallant, we can meet your engineering demands as we do bulk-buying of components and spares to support our fleet of cranes in the region. We are thus able to provide timely delivery at competitive prices. In addition, based on our engineering expertise, we can provide recommendations for the best replacement products for your cranes.
Our Crane Components & Spares Division specializes in sourcing and procuring all assemblies and parts used in Container Quay Cranes, Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes, Grab Unloaders, Bulk Handling Cranes, Mobile Harbour Cranes, Reach Stackers, etc.

Besides sourcing and procuring, Gallant Engineering also provides value-added solutions to our clients, such as :

Fabrication of operator console unit
Conversion of drum brake to thruster brake
Installation of load cell protection systems
Providing radio remote solution