FIXING OF SOLEPLATES / CHAIR PLATES, Continuous Soleplates, Discontinuous Soleplates


Concrete is too soft to be able to support crane rails. This is normal to surface the concrete with steel in the form of continuous or discontinuous soleplates. These are fixed in position with anchor bolts. It is most important that they are correctly levelled.

Collaborating with Gantrail, we provide design advice as well as the material required for installation.

Soleplates comes mainly in two types depending upon the nature of the load to be carried.

Continuous Soleplates
Continuous soleplates are used mainly for heavy duty applications with wheel loads of > 30 tonnes. Soleplates are 6 meters in length and comes with a thickness of 20mm or more. Soleplates are often galvanized for outdoor applications. When rail clips are to be welded this must be done before galvanizing.


Discontinuous Soleplates
Discontinuous soleplates are used mainly for lighter applications. Soleplates can be designed according to the load specification.