Tubes and Pipes


Whether they are concrete or steel tubes (coated or not), cast iron pipes, line pipes or wind tower segments, all heavy tubular loads can be handled using lifting devices manufactured by .
The tubes and pipes used for the construction of underground networks routing gas, oil or water must not be damaged on the surface before being installed underground, hence the success of vacuum lifters. This multifunction equipment handles the movement positioning, loading and unloading of one or more tubes in a single operation without leaving the slightest mark or deformation.

The vacuum pipe lifter serves for example to move and rotate tubes to allow their unloading and storage in complete safety, and also their implementation on site. The lifter is used as an accessory to shovel or crane and is used outdoors for the cladding of tubes.
Finally it should be noted that the standalone pipe lifter allows tubular loads weighing up to 15 tonnes to be lifted. Consequently it is ideally suited to the work of laying pipes in excavations capable of lifting pipes up to 50 meters long.